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#Aedes aegypti: not blood only…


If you have seen a photo of an Aedes aegypti mosquito recently, it was probably of the mosquito on someone’s skin biting or about to bite them. Like this one:mosquito photo - gleaner feb 10 2016

Aedes aegypti has been in the news a lot because it is the main mosquito that transmits the Zika virus, as it does dengue, chikungunya and Yellow Fever.

It is only the female that bites people, and she takes this blood meal to enable the development of her eggs. Otherwise, the female eats fruit juices and nectar and such sources of sugar. The male eats only this type of food.

On Sunday morning, I was taking some photos of plants at home. The dwarf June Plum tree is blossoming and bearing fruit. And there was an Aedes aegypti mosquito perched on a blossom.


Note the characteristic striped legs. It’s not as easy to see in the 2nd photo. Look closely.



As a photographer’s subject…fragile and delicate as the blossoms themselves. As a disease vector…deadly.






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2 thoughts on “#Aedes aegypti: not blood only…

  1. So much we still don’t know and how this affects our perception about this free feeding vector