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#AtoZChallenge Zika and zaniness

I was glad to do a bit of guest blogging for Dennis Jones’ final post in the #AtoZChallege, a rather daunting bloggers’ challenge in April, which he seemed to sail through without difficulty! I wrote about Zika & the rest of his post dealt with the zany (as in bizarre) case of the murder suspect who escaped from the Barnett Street Police Station in MoBay this week and ended up being murdered himself.

Jamaica: Political Economy


In a wonderful demonstration of a random act of kindness, energetic activist and sometime blogger, Susan Goffe (@suezeecue), has kindly written about a mosquito-borne scourge that is affecting the Americas in a major way. Her zeal has kept public awareness high on range of issues, both in detailing the events but also putting the issues into policy context. Thank you, Susan!
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Six months ago, most Jamaicans had never heard of the Zika virus. If we had, we thought of it as ChikV & dengue’s little cousin, a mild virus with symptoms that didn’t rise to the level of these more debilitating diseases. If we had been through the terrible Chikungunya virus/ChikV epidemic that swept Jamaica in 2014, we certainly didn’t need to worry much about Zika. Then in the final months of 2015, the news began to emerge from Brazil about the increased numbers of babies being born with microcephaly…

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