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350 Words or Less: Auctioning the Gun Used to Kill Trayvon Martin

When I saw the news this morning, my reaction was “How obscene!” BBC report

BBC tweet re gun - 12-5-16

If a man quietly sells a gun that he legally owns, that’s one thing. But to market it at auction as the gun that killed teenager Trayvon Martin, as an “opportunity to own a piece of American History” is quite another. NPR report

NPR tweet re gun - 12-5-16

But this seems to be quite in keeping with the character of the man who killed the unarmed teenager, feels entirely justified in having done so and was cleared by the courts of the charges against him. Why not make as much money as you can out of the one thing you will probably be remembered for? And he will probably find a willing buyer for the gun.

After all, there used to be a good market for souvenirs of lynchings too….

Lynching of Laura Nelson and her son - Image 38 Without Sanctuary

Photo postcard of The lynching of Laura Nelson and her son, several dozen onlookers. May 25, 1911, Okemah, Oklahoma. Taken by photographer G. H. Farnum. Image 34 in Without Sanctuary online gallery of photographs. (If you go to the site, which documents lynching in America through photographs and postcards, you need to be aware beforehand that much of the material is graphic and extremely disturbing.)


The advertisement, which was visible on one site this morning, has since been removed to another site.


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