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Misremembering Tivoli

Reblogging Emma Lewis’ post six years on from the security force operation of May 2010. Some people don’t want to remember. Some people can’t forget.

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A blogger friend in Guyana, Mark Jacobs, used this word in the context of a tragic event in his own country: The unsolved murder of a human rights activist just before the general elections of May 11, 2015.

Mark starts his latest blog post thus:

because you have choose to misremember, don’t think everyone else has
to know is pain
and your ignorance will not suffocate me

In the last few days, it has become increasingly apparent to me that Jamaica (and in particular local media) has chosen to misremember the massacre at Tivoli Gardens of May, 2010, in which at least 74 Jamaicans died. It has been six years, and clearly Jamaicans have exhausted their remembering capabilities; and perhaps for many, their compassion. Are we so inured to violence? Is the media so preoccupied with the “here and now” that it cannot stop and look back?

"Marjorie Hinds was out buying food in Tivoli Gardens on the morning of May 24, 2010, when the security forces moved in." Illustration by Owen Smith, The New Yorker. This accompanied an article by December 11, 2011 article by Mattathias Schwartz, headlined "A Massacre in Jamaica." “Marjorie Hinds was…

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