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#AtoZChallengeJamaica A is Audley Shaw, a man of whom we’re hardly sure?

During the month of June, two fellow-bloggers (Emma Lewis & Dennis Jones) and I will be doing an #AToZChallengeJamaica together. We will be posting a short blog each day (except Sundays) on a rotating basis, using the letters of the alphabet as our prompts. The posts will be short and focused on topics associated with…yes…Jamaica! And we will be reblogging each other’s posts. So to get us started…drumroll!…here is Dennis’ post today:

Jamaica: Political Economy

Audley Shaw isn’t new to finance minister ‘rodeos’. I’m getting a first chance to observe him closely on this ride. He’s theatrical and best when ‘off the leash’; he’s Mr. Ray-ray. Though he tempers that in Parliament, it’s still there: watch this CEEN TV clip

He’s good for a catchphrase:

  • “People need a break!”
  • “Phase it in!”
  • “You get the pay slip and it’s marked P.A.Y.E.”

He’s also his own caricature:

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.21.04 AM ‘Papa Tax, whoa!’Courtesy Jamaica Gleaner, Les May

He’s been interesting during recent Budget debates, often, trying to be humorous, when delivering pain. He loves to poke his peers, especially opposing politicians. He told Mrs. Simpson-Miller her administrationshould be renamed ‘take-sperity’ (after the many taxes it’d levied, playing on his new mantra, ‘prosperity’). He didn’t want former finance minister Phillips delivering his ‘own dub version of history’. They took it in good humour.

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