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#AToZChallengeJamaica: B Is For Butterfly, Sweet and Persistent

So here is Emma’s post on Day 2 of our #AToZChallengeJamaica. We are reblogging each other’s posts during this shared June challenge!

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Well, here is my first effort at the #AToZChallengeJamaica, which I agreed to participate in with fellow bloggers Susan Goffe and Dennis Jones. Can I keep it up? I do hope so.

The letter B has many possibilities in the Jamaican context. There are wonderful Jamaican words: bulla (that dry, spicy cake) and bammy (cassava bread, perfect with fish) and bankra (basket). There are bats and birds and Alexander Bedward, and Bluefields. But I decided on butterfly because – well, I just can’t ignore the darned things. They’re literally in my face.

The Giant Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio homerus) is endemic to Jamaica. The Giant Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio homerus) is endemic to Jamaica.

According to the National History Museum of Jamaica, there are over 150 species of butterflies on the island, 35 of which are endemic, plus 22 endemic subspecies. We also have the gorgeous Giant Swallowtail Butterfly, one of the largest in the western hemisphere, lives in the Blue…

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