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#AtoZChallengeJamaica D is Declare Your Finances

Having been at Calabash Festival all day yesterday, I didn’t get to reblog Dennis’ Saturday post in our #AToZChallengeJamaica! So I’m doing it today, Sunday!:)

Jamaica: Political Economy

Jamaican politicians seem poor atlooking forward. They’ve alsogotten out of touch with some important realities of modern political life. Despite what citizens may suggest by their voting, they’re not apathetic: many are keen to engage politicians and have them show true accountability. Paying lip service to this possibly toppled the last government. The Internet and social media have simplified information searchesand mobilizing opinions; its speed will sweep away many politicians.

The new government struck a high tone regarding accountability but hasserious cobwebs to remove. The most obvious surroundsitsleader’s financial declaration. He promised it by December 2015, then March 2016. But, he’s not done itand offered weak reasons why. This week hecommitted to its being done in the next two weeks.

In his Inauguration speech the new PM said: “We cannot be satisfied with things as they are.” One clear demonstration of thatwould be to meet his own deadlines.

By dallying…

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