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.#AToZChallengeJamaica: L is for Lizard


Lizards are not the most popular animals in Jamaica. In fact, many Jamaicans have a positive dislike for these reptiles, sometimes bordering on a phobia.

The other day, I spent some time observing a lizard in my garden, taking some photographs while he let me.


Anolis lineatopus. The Jamaican Grey Anole or Stripefoot Anole, which is endemic to Jamaica. (I learned more about the classification of Jamaican lizards, while trying to identify this little chap, than I have ever known before! The internet is a fascinating place.)


When I first spotted him, there was a female nearby, but she scurried off as I approached. He stood his ground, however, and looked at me askance.


In fact, he stared at me face to face, not backing down at all…


He even stuck his dewlap out at me, though I wasn’t quick enough to take a picture of him with it fully extended.


Eventually, when I wouldn’t go away, he decided to. He hopped down off his perch and scampered away into the nearby bushes.

If you are interested in seeing lizards with their dewlaps fully extended, take a look at this delightful series of short video clips of Caribbean anoles. I laughed out loud a few times!

Caribbean anoles video clips

And do you want to know even more? Then watch this video about a study of Anolis dewlaps. Lineatopus comes in for specific mention!

Anolis dewlap study


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    Many Jamaicans (even fully grown men) shudder at the word “lizard.” But they are fascinating and totally harmless creatures! Like Susan, we happily share our home with a variety of lizards – some living behind pictures, others pottering around on windowsills and shelves. I am familiar with this species (and they really DO stare you down!) This is a fascinating post about their little dewlaps, too!


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    Susan, doesn’t lounge around showing her fascination for those reptiles less loved by many Jamaicans, especially women 😊🇯🇲🙈


  3. not working I will NOT change my opinion of these pesty creature which I wish did not exist…….. but an interesting blog Sue