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.#AToZChallengeJamaica: X is for X Marks the Spot!


X marks the spot! Right here on the map. Jamaica. 18.1096° N, 77.2975° W. I don’t know what terminology our island’s first inhabitants, the Tainos, used to locate us on the map. The winds, sea currents and stars that would have been part of the guiding elements.

And then, with the arrival of Europeans, Jamaica became located on their maps. A Wikipedia page has pictures of a few of those early maps:

Map of Jamaica - Benedetto Bordone 1528

Benedetto Bordone, 1528


Map of Jamaica - Porcacchi 1572

Tomaso Porcacchi, 1572

Old Maps Online also has links to pictures of a variety of maps of Jamaica, such as this one:

Map of Jamaica -  Colin Liddell 1895

Colin Liddell, 1895

By the way, CaribbeanExams.com has a nice, simple series of maps showing how the parishes of Jamaica have changed over the centuries:

Map of Jamaica - CaribbeanExams.com - 21 parishes

And every school child in Jamaica has had the task of learning the names of the parishes and their capitals…

Maps of the World  - Jamaica political map

These days, we can also access Jamaica via satellite maps online, as I did this morning:

NOAA Atlantic vis-animated (1)

And on Google Maps as well:

Google Maps Jamaica

Finally, while you should have no difficulty locating Jamaica on this blank map of the Caribbean, how many other countries could you correctly identify? Click here  to see how well you did.


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6 thoughts on “.#AToZChallengeJamaica: X is for X Marks the Spot!

  1. Really nice, Susan. I never got the full story of how we came from 21 to much fewer parishes; for another post. Also, we need to remember that Jamaica is not unique, at least in our hemisphere with Jamaica, Queens NY a home for many Jamaicans and their offspring.


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    • I’m not sure what the specific reason was behind the decision to reduce the number of parishes, but I must check. Was it anything more than a tidying up exercise, getting rid of many of the many small parishes?

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    Susan takes a less controversial look at 18 degrees north, and pays due respect to our lovely island home; not taxing at all, I do declare 🙂

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    I really love old maps, don’t you? Susan Goffe has done something rather interesting for her letter “X” – enjoy! (Just two more letters to go in our Jamaican A to Z Challenge!)


  4. Somehow I wish there was still a St. Dorothy (my grandmother’s name) and a St. Thomas in the Vale (it sounds poetic). But there we go. Thanks for a fascinating post!