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From My Roof: Weekly Photo Challenge – Local


An important part of local for me is the house I’ve lived in for more than a quarter of a century in Kingston. Mornings and evenings I go up on the roof. I sit. I look around. I think. It’s a good vantage point for observing things both near and far. And sometimes I take photos.

Hillsimg_7708Blackbirds in an ackee treep1010262Bougainvillea in sunlightp1000438Sunset over Kingston the night after Hurricane Matthew bypassed Jamaicap1010667

Weekly Photo Challenge: Local





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6 thoughts on “From My Roof: Weekly Photo Challenge – Local

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  2. Gorgeous photos, Susan! Just to note that the “blackbird” is a Smooth-Billed Ani. Remarkably ugly birds, related to our cuckoos, but they have endearing qualities. One of the few birds in the world that has no concerns about its own “space” and can often be seen in groups or in twos, cuddling up together. They love group bathing sessions in our bird bath! It is also UNIQUE in the bird world because it builds big untidy nests, often shared by several females!

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  3. Wow! Thanks for that, Emma. I have a lot to learn about the birds that frequent my space! They are pretty raucous too!

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    • Yes – they are very sociable birds, I guess that’s why. And they make such a funny noise! We still have the remnants of one of their communal nests. It would need some serious remodeling!

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  4. I clicked your gravatar from the Like on my post, it showed “no longer available”. I, then, did a google search. Maybe your gravatar is not linked to your site?