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350 Words Or Less: Local Government Elections Tomorrow – Are You Voting?

A part of what I do to engage in our democracy is to vote. Tomorrow’s local government election presents a problem for me, however. Prior to this, I have usually had a clear idea of what I would be doing when I went to the polling booth…which candidate I would be voting for or if I would be intentionally spoiling my ballot. The polls open in a few hours and I still haven’t made a decision.

Up until quite recently, I didn’t know who the candidates were in my division. There weren’t any cards or flyers dropped in my letter box. I couldn’t find the names on the various party online sites. Eventually it was a newspaper article online that I found that briefed me on who the two candidates were. And now I have seen a few posters up in the area. Both are new candidates and I still really know very little about either and since I have always voted across party lines, the candidates’ party affiliation isn’t enough to claim my vote.

So I am not sure what I will be doing tomorrow.

Are you voting?

Local government elections usually get a lower turnout than general elections. In the last four local government elections, the turnout was: 34.73% (2012); 37.94% (2007); 40.09% (2003) and 34.96% (1998). I doubt that it will be much different tomorrow.

Electoral Commission of Jamaica: Parish Council Election Results




It’s Not This Time of Year Without…Euphorbia – Weekly Photo Challenge

The delicate white blossoms of the Euphorbia leucocephala are quite lovely seen close-up.p1050056But it is when the plants are in full bloom, that the effect is most striking!img_8016In our garden, they begin to bloom in late November, but it isn’t until December that they reach their peak. And it wouldn’t be this time of year without them!img_8026

Weekly Photo Challenge – It’s Not This Time of Year Wothout…

Supermoon, A Few Hours Early

p1040584Tomorrow there will be a supermoon in the sky and the best views might be tomorrow morning. But perhaps there will be clouds covering the moon; perhaps there will be rain. So, I climbed the steep spiral staircase onto the roof tonight and sat and looked at the moon. She was beautiful. I know it is unscientific to anthropomorphise (or personify?), but so be it. She was beautiful. I took some photographs. The roofing gravel pressed into my elbows and arms, as I lay flat, adjusting the camera on its tiny tripod. They say we humans have landed on her surface, have walked around on moondust. You wouldn’t know it from this far away. The last time the moon was this close to Earth was in 1948 and the next time will be in 2034. I wasn’t here for the last one and who knows if I will be around for the next? Goodnight, moon!p1040607


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350 Words or Less: President-Elect Trump

Five and a half weeks ago, I wrote this in a blog post:

When Trump declared his candidacy for the Republican primaries last year, I hardly paid attention. I was certainly one of many who thought he didn’t stand a chance and was in it for the publicity. Yet here it is, a few weeks before the US election and not only is he the Republican candidate but there is a possibility that he could win.

I have no vote, but I follow the election, not only out of a general interest but also because I have relatives who live in the US and because what happens in the US impacts the rest of the world.

Last night, Donald Trump was elected President of the USA. Surreal, but real. As well as gaining the Presidency, the Republicans held onto the House and the Senate.

At about 2:30 this morning, Hillary Clinton called Trump to concede and at 9:30am she will make her public concession speech in New York.

I chose a 350 Words or Less format for this blog post because, like so many people in America and around the world, I am still processing the Trump win and what it means for the world. One of the areas of most concern is what it means for the efforts to deal with the crucial issue of climate change.

As always, there’s work to be done….


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Garden Debris: Weekly Photo Challenge – Chaos

“This week, share your own take on chaos… [a] subject that celebrates a lack of (visual) control.”

Sharp edged intruders in the garden of things. Construction debris that got left behind. Small patches of chaos, left to nature, can slowly be covered over.


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River Sunrise

A windblown leaf chases round and round a chair leg, like a playful mouse. I put a towel on the iron patio chair before sitting down. It is much colder in this Wisconsin river valley than on my roof at home. Mist hangs over the water, as the sun burnishes the riverside trees. As the steam rises from my cup of tea. As I listen to a crow cawing in a leafless tree nearby. The bright yellow down near the river bank is an autumn tree; it reminds me of my garden’s pouis. Sunlight stored in blossoms and leaves spilling out in profusion, drawing my attention. It isn’t home. But it reminds me…there’s sunrise everywhere.p1030951