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350 Words or Less: President-Elect Trump

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Five and a half weeks ago, I wrote this in a blog post:

When Trump declared his candidacy for the Republican primaries last year, I hardly paid attention. I was certainly one of many who thought he didn’t stand a chance and was in it for the publicity. Yet here it is, a few weeks before the US election and not only is he the Republican candidate but there is a possibility that he could win.

I have no vote, but I follow the election, not only out of a general interest but also because I have relatives who live in the US and because what happens in the US impacts the rest of the world.

Last night, Donald Trump was elected President of the USA. Surreal, but real. As well as gaining the Presidency, the Republicans held onto the House and the Senate.

At about 2:30 this morning, Hillary Clinton called Trump to concede and at 9:30am she will make her public concession speech in New York.

I chose a 350 Words or Less format for this blog post because, like so many people in America and around the world, I am still processing the Trump win and what it means for the world. One of the areas of most concern is what it means for the efforts to deal with the crucial issue of climate change.

As always, there’s work to be done….


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One thought on “350 Words or Less: President-Elect Trump

  1. I said from early in Trump’s campaign that those who felt opposed to him were merely laughing at the prospect of his winning, without really understanding much of what was making him so appealing, including his ego and his willingness to attack all who opposed, even within his own adopted party. Many simple things appealed to Americans, not least what his style said about ‘strong’ leadership, that many said they sought. But, there’s much more. Now, many can see that he really tapped into the feeling of a HUGE portion of the nation, both geographically and racially. How long that appeal will last is unknown, but he’s been good at selling himself and one cant see that stopping.

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