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What Are You Waiting For?: Weekly Photo Challenge – Anticipation


“This week, share a photo that says anticipation.” What are you waiting for?

When my ackee trees are bearing, I know that ackee and saltfish is in my future.ackee-and-mountainsBut since the pods haven’t started opening yet, I know I will have to wait a little longer. You cannot rush when it comes to ackee. Wait. Or risk food poisoning. Wait. And savour the result.p1050998Maybe next week…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Anticipation

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4 thoughts on “What Are You Waiting For?: Weekly Photo Challenge – Anticipation

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  2. Never see somebody so hungry for ackee like this… big up yuhself still

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  3. Freshly picked ackee makes the best ackee and saltfish! And the trees are so beautiful when they are laden with pods! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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