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Cups Without Handles: Weekly Photo Challenge – Repurpose


“For this challenge, show us something you’ve put to new use.”

Sometimes – quite often in our household, it seems – a cup loses its handle. A cup without a handle becomes a pot to put things in.

Tiny plants.p1080516

Pens and pencils.p1080466

Loose cloves of garlic.garlic-cup-2

Broken and still useful…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Repurpose

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7 thoughts on “Cups Without Handles: Weekly Photo Challenge – Repurpose

  1. Broken and still useful… Deep.

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  3. Used to do the same in England, especially for garden pots 🙂

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  4. I don’t use my broken things for anything. Oh dear.

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  5. Susan, such things work better in ‘old’ structures. I had friends who owned an 18th century farmhouse in Gloucester. It was stocked with bric a brac, much of which was broken items reused. It all blended well.

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