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Late Afternoon on a Verandah: Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadow


“This week, hunt for shadows and incorporate them into your shot.”

It’s late afternoon and the sunlight filters through the palm leaves. There is a play of light and shadow on the metal grills, the concrete arches and the marble ledges. Shadows. Not suggesting sadness or gloom. Just leaves coming between sunlight and verandah surfaces. Delicate and beautiful.img_6839-2

Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadow

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3 thoughts on “Late Afternoon on a Verandah: Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadow

  1. This is very effective. It helps that your “burglar bars” are aesthetically pleasing (who chose that lovely blue?). You have a good eye..

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  2. Thanks! That blue is a favourite colour of mine. When the light hits the bars in the afternoons, I’m glad I chose it!

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  3. I also love the shadows of leaves…

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