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In Tandem: Weekly Photo Challenge – A Good Match


“This week, share a photo of a satisfying pairing from your own life….You can mix and match places, people, objects, and activities that represent your idea of a harmonious, pleasing combination.”

I wanted only one puppy from the litter, but my daughter fell in love with the runt and we ended up taking her as well. img_6629These two are inseparable and a very good pair. When she went to the vet for a couple of days to be spayed, he was desolate. When she returned, he was ecstatic! img_6631They often do things in tandem.img_6633Definitely a good match!img_6632

Weekly Photo Challenge – A Good Match

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4 thoughts on “In Tandem: Weekly Photo Challenge – A Good Match

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  2. So cute …. and the story of how they are inseparable is really so sweet.

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  3. We have a brother (big and bold) and sister (little runt) now, both rescue dogs. Runts are irresistible. We had to take both, didn’t want to separate them. Dogs are wonderful.

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