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350 Words or Less: In Which I Rant Briefly About Banks


The Present

Today I learned that my bank branch will close its drive through facility at the end of April! In the grand scheme of things, this is no disaster. Actually, in no scheme of things is it a disaster, but I am annoyed. I like drive through banking.

The Past

From the days when it made it easier to get banking done with my children in tow, to the present when my knees react badly to standing in lines, I have really liked drive through banking. I have preferred to sit in the car, eating a patty, drinking some coconut water, while listening to a talk show or reading a book, rather than waiting in a line in a banking hall. I avoid banking halls like the plague. I associate them with long lines, long waits and increasingly short fuses!

The Future

When I asked the drive through teller where the nearest drive through facility would be after April, she told me of a branch halfway across town. So that’s out. I asked her what my other options would be and they were:

a) online banking (which I already do as much as possible)

b) the automatic tellers (which often involve standing in long lines and sometimes do not provide as much privacy as I would like)

c) the (dreaded) banking hall.

Thoughtful Concluding Analysis

Maybe it’s a cost-cutting measure. Maybe it’s increased efficiency for the bank, if not for me. Maybe it’s because there’s a gremlin on some committee in the bank whose sole purpose is finding ways and means to irritate and annoy customers. (Can’t let them get too comfortable, you know! Always keep them wondering what’s next! Hehehe!) Yes…that third possibility….


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4 thoughts on “350 Words or Less: In Which I Rant Briefly About Banks

  1. I’ve rarely seen an ATM in Jamaica that had a line of more than 2 people. I often see lines of cars waiting to through a drive through while the two ATMs have no customers.

    How much privacy do you need to make a 1 minute transaction? #Justasking 🙂

    You could always employ a bank ‘runner’ to do your banking for you (I’m not offering).

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  2. No, sah, Dennis! I often seem to buck up some long lines at ATMs! I must find out your bank & locations! The enclosed ATMs are better for privacy, though sometimes the security isn’t the best. But my bank branch has this shared area with multiple ATMs that I don’t like at all…


  3. I love the drive thru!

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