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Atop the Poinciana Tree: Weekly Photo Challenge – Atop


“This week, consider your point of view as you respond to this challenge’s theme, “Atop.” If you’re physically on top of a thing or a place — a mountain, a skyscraper — what type of scene do you want to share in your frame?”

I am in a bird frame of mind again this week. Atop my roof, I watched an American kestrel (Falco sparverius dominicensis) atop the poinciana (Delonix regia) tree.P1100794Perhaps it was watching me too…P1100796…perhaps it wasn’t….P1100807

Weekly Photo Challenge – Atop


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9 thoughts on “Atop the Poinciana Tree: Weekly Photo Challenge – Atop

  1. a magnificent bird and lovely photos. You were lucky to catch it sitting still!

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  2. Thanks! It is a marvellous bird. I think this spot on the tree and a nearby light post are regular perches for it. I have now seen it both at sunrise and sunset. On the morning I took these photos, it seemed to be grooming itself quite thoroughly.


  3. What a stunning bird. Great pics.

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  5. Birds get me every time! Sweet!

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  6. Kestrels are magnificent. Wonderful captures and I like the “shy” shot. Great colors!

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