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A Moth: Weekly Photo Challenge – Dense


‘We focused on some of photography’s core elements in recent challenges — color, point of view — and today we revisit another one that’s close to my heart: texture….This week, share your take on “dense”….’

A brown, intricately patterned moth on the wall.P1070977 (2)

Dense hairs or scales on a moth?P1070997 (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Dense

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9 thoughts on “A Moth: Weekly Photo Challenge – Dense

  1. Remarkable, and fascinating Susan! I wish I knew why they were furry like that… But like bees they are pollinators so may collect the pollen on their hairs. Or that’s my theory, anyway!!

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  2. It is fascinating, isn’t it? And your theory sounds plausible! 🙂

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  4. I love these photos, which tell us so much about what these moths look like when you get close and personal.

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  5. A moth is a fantastic subject for “dense”; I really like

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  6. This is really amazing!

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