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Not All Surprises Are Pleasant: Weekly Photo Challenge – Surprise


“This week, share a surprise with us, as you see it through your lens.”

I saw the lizard on the window ledge and, as I approached, I wondered when it would see me and run away. But, surprisingly, it didn’t move. Perhaps it was staying still as a strategy.p1120903.jpgAnd then I realised that actually it was dead, frozen in this active pose, looking through the glass louvre, as though still trying to get inside.P1120898 I know nothing about what causes lizards to die, other than old age or being eaten by predators. (What is the expected lifespan of small, brown garden lizards?) They must also die of diseases too, like us. But in midstream like this? Waiting to get in. Surprised by death. How strange.P1120895

Weekly Photo Challenge – Surprise

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15 thoughts on “Not All Surprises Are Pleasant: Weekly Photo Challenge – Surprise

  1. Wow. Extraordinary. And somehow looking so perfect in that pose – in death…

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  3. Ughh…I do not like lizards, this pic just sent a shudder down my spine. Yet the capture is really cool. Who would have thought they could die in mid-position?

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  4. That’s what I decided. I love taking and sharing beautiful photos of nature, but this is part of nature too.


  5. Great pictures! I had a similar experience once in the basement of my mother-in-law’s house. I pulled a book off the bookshelf and behind there was the skeleton of a mouse in the same action pose. Freaked me out

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  6. Wow, it’s as if it was zapped by an invisible force field! How great that you spotted it – and captured its pose.

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  7. Good eye to catch that detail!

    In High School I had a good, slightly odd, friend with an even odder mother. My friend had a pet chameleon. It had escaped. When they found it it was..not just dead, it was mummified..and so the mother thought his carcass would look good in her terrarium (popular in the 70’s). He looked natural there but the terrarium sat on the dining table. Yep. I was visiting and was invited to stay for dinner. That’s when I saw him..looking back at me…with sightless eyes, as I ate my sandwich. Thanks for the memory!

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  8. I often take pictures of dead animals that I happen to come across – a desiccated frog, a dead bat or bird. It gives me an opportunity to take up close pictures and notice details that I really could not get to if they were still alive. From a spiritual point of view, it is also an honoring of the animal…

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