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Happy #EarthDay: Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth


“This week, share an image that means “earth” to you — whether it’s a panorama of a landscape that takes your breath away, a close-up revealing a detail in nature, or another scene that honors the outdoors….”

Raindrops on a flower…P1140001…lichen on a twig…P1140009…mist on the mountains.P1140120Our planet. Earth.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth


Author: rightpouitree

Navigating the real and virtual worlds and sometimes writing about what I observe...

7 thoughts on “Happy #EarthDay: Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth

  1. Yay! Happy earth day. Much love!

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  3. Lovely. Belated happy Earth Day!

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  4. I love the detail of the lichen, and that image of the trees reminds me of Scotland! Lovely images

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