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On a Mountain in Ecuador: Weekly Photo Challenge – Wanderlust


“This week, share a photo that represents travel to you.”

This was home for the days I visited my daughter on a permaculture farm in the mountains above Quito, Ecuador.2013-09-19 09.31.02I opened the door to a clear view of a snow-capped volcano.2013-09-20 10.23.21An ideal spot for meditation in the morning.2013-09-19 09.28.21Magnificent mountain views. And also, there were flowers…2013-09-20 11.06.25Weekly Photo Challenge – Wanderlust


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15 thoughts on “On a Mountain in Ecuador: Weekly Photo Challenge – Wanderlust

  1. Funny.. I have been thinking of Ecuador this morning. and was just looking through old pics from when I was there.. and then I saw this blog post of yours!

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  2. Beautiful vistas! I live in Ecuador and never grow tired of its ever-changing moods, faces, experiences. Great to see that you had a nice visit!

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  5. Beautiful! An ideal place to meditate. 😊

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  6. Wow – that meditation spot seems perfectly chosen and I love the patterns on the wooden boards.

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  7. How lucky are you that wanderlust brought you and your daughter to this amazing home with a jaw-dropping back yard, even if just for a moment!

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  8. great shots. most definitely, there are more to see in this beautiful country.

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  9. Such tranquillity. Shall I say you are previleged to be in such a place. Perfect place to get peace for body and soul.

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