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Hawk Deh Near…But Not For Long: Weekly Photo Challenge – Danger!


“This week, share a photo that says Danger! to you.”

The presence of a chicken hawk (Red-tailed Hawk/Buteo jamaicensis) caused great consternation among the neighbourhood birds that morning. From the moment I went on the roof, I could hear them making loud calling sounds, as though warning each other that danger was near.P1130480I then watched them mount an amazing co-ordinated effort to drive the hawk away. They dive-bombed it repeatedly…nightingales…P1130502…cling-clings…P1130472…and even a streamertail hummingbird at one point, though I wasn’t lucky enough to get a photo of that! In the end, the hawk was chased away and the danger passed. At least, until next time….

Weekly Photo Challenge – Danger!

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20 thoughts on “Hawk Deh Near…But Not For Long: Weekly Photo Challenge – Danger!

  1. I sometimes see a Cooper’s hawk and worry about the little songbirds. I’ve see the brave bluejays chase it away!

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  3. Great shots- I find raptors fascinating 🖤

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  4. We had a Hawk that perched about 4 blocks away, it kept and eye on the Pigeons that would eat overflow of the bird feeder, one day it swooped in and took one right in front of me! My Budgies in the window always let us know when it was around, they’d go Statue ( almost paralyze themselves for hours at a time for fear of that Hawk!) I’d have to close the curtain’s! 🙂

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  5. Wonderful shots.

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  6. Fantastic, Susan! I have never seen a chicken hawk so close. It’s the kestrel that really upsets our little birds. These photos are superb!

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  7. What a serious looking face on that hawk. Great shots.

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  8. Those bird shots are stunning!!

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