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Focusing on a Lizard…Again: Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus


“This week, share a photo that represents focus to you. Are you a stickler for getting in close to your subjects and capturing every detail, or do you prefer a more ethereal look that illustrates the sensations of the moment? Or both?”

I had left the cup out overnight. In it was a little leftover ginger tea sweetened with honey. In the morning, something else was in the cup…a little lizard.P1150733

Having climbed in, it couldn’t get out again.P1150719

I like the way in which the tea and the glass and the lizard’s translucent skin affect the focus…P1150783

PS I’m adding this a few days after publishing my blog post to assure readers that the little creature was fine after its ordeal. Right after taking my photos, I rested the cup on its side on a window sill and the lizard crawled out and ran away.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus


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13 thoughts on “Focusing on a Lizard…Again: Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus

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  2. I’m not competing with you on lizards but they are photogenic. I may just send you a few shots…

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  3. Oh! Delightful shots, but I do hope the lizard’s OK now!

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  5. Who knew that the humble lizard could provide so many beautiful photographic opportunities? Beautiful!

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  6. The top one particularly is very interesting, because it’s not what you’d expect to see, and so invites you to study it.

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  7. These are wonderful shots. I am not a lizard fan but these shots are great.

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    • Thanks! The house I’ve lived in for nearly 30 years is very open in design and lizards of varying types share the space. These days they are often subjects of my photos! πŸ™‚