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Grass & Clouds: Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient


“For this week’s challenge, show us your perception of transient.”

Hillside grasses and pale pink clouds at sunset. Lasting only for a short time. Impermanent. Transient.

Author: rightpouitree

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10 thoughts on “Grass & Clouds: Weekly Photo Challenge – Transient

  1. A good choice …. and great photo too, well focused.


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  3. Feels so peaceful just looking at this photo 😌

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  4. At first look the eyes take you to the soft sherbet color of the cloud, and a closer look brings the eyes to the vivid detail in the grass. Nice capture. I’ll bet when you looked at this on your computer after an evening of photography, you were pretty pleased in the capture! Well done!

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    • Thank you for your comment! Yes, I was pleased with this shot when I saw it. It’s such fun in and of itself taking the photos. And then additional pleasure reviewing the results and finding one or two in a series that I really like. And then even more fun getting feedback like this! 🙂

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