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Jade Vine Flowers: Weekly Photo Challenge – Collage


“Collage: An assortment, a collection, a hodgepodge. This week, share one — whether found in the wild or assembled yourself.”

Strongylodon macrobotrys. Jade vine. A collection of fallen jade vine flowers. On a bed.P1160353On a dressing table.P1160358Collage?

Weekly Photo Challenge – Collage


Author: rightpouitree

Navigating the real and virtual worlds and sometimes writing about what I observe...

18 thoughts on “Jade Vine Flowers: Weekly Photo Challenge – Collage

  1. Interesting collage on the dressing table and mirror!

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  3. great pairing with the jewelry! works for me for a collage! those flowers are so unique it’s hard to believe that’s not a synthetic painted-on color!

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  4. The flowers are lovely, the individual blooms on the stalk make a natural collage. I had no idea that flowers came in that shade.

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  5. Love your take on collage. Lovely jade.

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  6. I like the reflection of your jewelry in the mirror. Nice photos.

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  7. Beautiful flowers. Love the colour and your creativity.

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  8. The flowers are beautiful!

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