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Sun, Sand, Sea, & Sky: Weekly Photo Challenge – Elemental


“For this week’s challenge, explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire.”

Sun, sand, sea and sky…where it all comes together….


Weekly Photo Challenge – Elemental


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12 thoughts on “Sun, Sand, Sea, & Sky: Weekly Photo Challenge – Elemental

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  2. Such an abrupt cutaway. Was that created by the waves?

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  3. Beautiful shots, that cutaway is very dramatic … and thanks for your lovely comment.

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  5. That first shot is really pleasing to the eye…perfect angle well done for spotting it!

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  6. Wow, gorgeous. I especially like the second image, such an interesting picture.

    Kathrin — http://mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

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  7. beautiful lines!!

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