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Inside Out: Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows


“Your inspiration this week is windows. Use a window to frame your shot.”

A random selection of windows, none of them at home. In a corner of the Minnesota Museum of American Art…window - museum

Inside a building on the University of Technology campus in Kingston…window - photographerA window in the Chapel at the University of the West Indies (Mona)…window - Mona Chapel

The ruins of Lesnes Abbey, near London…But is this in or out?window - abbey ruins 2

Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows

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12 thoughts on “Inside Out: Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows

  1. I like the view outside the Chapel…very quite. Nice selection!

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  2. Hey Sue guess who’s joining the PHoto Club tomorrow. Been on my bucket list forever. So watch out for some “window views” and my fave is ruins of Lesnes Abbey – the bottom right window. Have you ever been a member? Interested? Its right here in Liguanea. Come wid mi nuh

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  3. Photographing bums, are we?

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  5. Very good selection of shots.

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