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Regulations for State of Public Emergency in St James: The Emergency Powers Regulations, 2018


When I checked online again this morning, I wasn’t able to find a copy of the regulations governing the current State of Public Emergency in St James, which were tabled in Parliament yesterday (January 23, 2018). Maybe I just wasn’t looking in the right place, but it shouldn’t be so hard to locate, if it is online. I was able to get a hard copy from Parliament this morning and below is a scanned copy. I haven’t yet read it, so can’t offer any opinion on its provisions.

Regulations 2018

The Emergency Powers Regulations 2018



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5 thoughts on “Regulations for State of Public Emergency in St James: The Emergency Powers Regulations, 2018

  1. So anyone can just walk into Parliament and receive copies of documents?


    • Yes, if the documents have been tabled and are public and copies are available. The library at Parliament is also a good source of documents and records, though sometimes it takes a little while for them to get copies. Go in one day and check it out. Under a modern access to information paradigm, public information should be…public…


  2. Thanks Sue. I think what I can do is call and express and interest in having it posted. As many of us call it should help with the upload time. Shouldn’t need to but……


    • It would be good for people to call, Jeanette, but it isn’t only Parliament that I think should post it. Both the Ministry of National Security and the Ministry of Justice have an interest in disseminating this information & it wasn’t on their websites. Also it seems to me that JIS could be used to make it available; they quickly posted both Minister Montague & Minister Chuck’s speeches from Parliament yesterday. which is very useful and clearly part of their mandate. But maybe these regulations too?
      I find Parliament very helpful when I make requests for information and they post things quite quickly, certainly compared to many other bodies. But in this case I think there needed/needs to be a greater, coordinated government effort to make information about the State of Emergency available to the public.


      • Boy that is so true. I didn’t think of that. Wow and I take the point about the upload of the speeches. Well I’ll call JIS too. Matter of fact Sue I think we should both use up their social media platforms to make this point. Will do.

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