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Moments of Solitude: Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved


“In this week’s challenge, share with us something that is beloved.”

Moments of solitude are something beloved by me.  To sit on my roof by myself and watch the clouds in their infinite variety of shapes and colours, like these mammatus clouds the other morning…mammatus clouds 2

Or on a cottage balcony, way up in the hills, looking down at city lights…P1160839

Or having breakfast by myself in a town in a country a long way from home…P1040009Time alone…with a book, with a cup of tea, with a journal, in nature…lovely…Journal and cup

Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved


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6 thoughts on “Moments of Solitude: Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved

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  2. Oh, beautiful Susan! I agree with you. Solitude is beloved by me, too! Those clouds!

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    I can definitely relate to this lovely take on the Weekly Photo Challenge, “Beloved.” I always enjoy Susan’s compositions, so much (and wish I had seen those extraordinary clouds, the other evening!)

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