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Surrounding Hills & Mountains: Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide


“Share with us an image, or two, or three, (or more!) of where you live. For bonus points, tell us what it is about the photo(s) that you love.”

I have lived in the Kingston Metropolitan Area of Jamaica almost all of my life. On the flat land of the Liguanea Plain. And I love the surrounding hills and mountains that you can see…driving on the Palisadoes strip, on the way in from the airport…Palisadoes

…to the west, as the morning sun shines on them…Hills to the west

…the mountains to the north, seen from Hope Gardens….Mountains from Hope Gardens

A flat lander, who loves being able to see the hills….

Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide



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4 thoughts on “Surrounding Hills & Mountains: Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide

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  2. Beautiful photos, Susan. I love to see the hills, too! Every day..

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  4. Beautiful mountains! Thinking of those Blue Mountains and that delicious coffee….. once sheltered in the bay below from huge sea storm.

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