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Come A Little Closer: Weekly Photo Challenge – Out of This World


“Taking a photo is an invitation to explore the world around us as if it were new and mysterious. My favorite shots are always the ones that reveal something — a detail, an angle — I’d previously overlooked. They’re the ones that turn the familiar slightly (or very) alien.”

When you get close to flowers, it can be like entering a different world. Hibiscus…burst…plumbago…



Weekly Photo Challenge – Out of This World

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22 thoughts on “Come A Little Closer: Weekly Photo Challenge – Out of This World

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  2. Just beautiful. The closer you get, the more beautiful they are!

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  3. Definitely! Great details

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  4. These are beautiful shots! Having posted about hibiscus on my blog today, I particularly enjoyed the close-up of that flower. The plumbago strikes a chord with me too.

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  5. One of my recent fascinations is the BBC Planet Earth and Blue Planet series, which show so many fabulous natural sights and insights.

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  6. wow, the hibiscus almost looks like it is growing popcorn. very cool!

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  7. A different world indeed 🙂

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  8. Great photos. It’s always a challenge for me to get such close ups without screwing things up, but you’ve nailed it.

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  9. Definitely a different look at these lovely flowers!

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  10. WOW! Fabulous photos and colors!

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