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A Wedding: Weekly Photo Challenge – Story


“A single image can encompass what would otherwise require a long written narrative — the characters, the setting, even the plot….For this week’s challenge, do some visual storytelling with your photography. “

A beautiful setting, a beautiful occasion, with friends looking on…P1150597


Weekly Photo Challenge – Story



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13 thoughts on “A Wedding: Weekly Photo Challenge – Story

  1. With my daughters impending marrigae on April 7th, these photos helped me get more excited.
    Lovely …
    Isadora 😎

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  2. Good subject and nice photos, and what a great spot that looks like.

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  4. A beautiful location. Love that first photo.

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  6. Thank you for letting us share in the celebration!

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  7. The first photo suggests the possibility of many different stories. It’s not so obviously a wedding but a lovely composition with the framed view, the diagonal shadow and the elegant lines of the woman’s pink dress.

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