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Rooftop: Weekly Photo Challenge – Favourite Place


“This week, share an image of your happy place, a secret spot you love, or a faraway location you return to again and again.”

My rooftop has featured in a number of my Weekly Photo Challenge posts. It’s really a favourite place of mine. A large, flat, rather unimpressive concrete slab roof…


with a gravelly surface.rooftop But I love it for the view it provides of the world around me. At sunrise, when the chilly morning air provides a wonderful contrast to the hot tea I often drink there.sunrise

At sunset, in those serene, sometimes spectacular moments which signal the coming end to the day, whatever the day was like. In the dead of night, when the moon or a planet or a constellation of stars beckons and I marvel at how large “out there” is.Β P1270710 (2)Β My rooftop….a nearby location I return to again and again….

Weekly Photo Challenge – Favorite Place

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14 thoughts on “Rooftop: Weekly Photo Challenge – Favourite Place

  1. I suggest you start letting people come to see the views for $200/15 minutes πŸ€”πŸ‘πŸΎ

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  2. LOL for Susie’s Rooftop Cafe!! A hot spot waiting to happen.

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  4. Somehow I guessed this was your favourite place, Susan!

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  5. Nice rooftop views… we are capable of seeing more than what want to see. No wonder that it is a favorite place. Have wonderful week.

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