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Bare Poui: Weekly Photo Challenge – Awakening


“This week, show us renewal.”

At first glance, this may not look like an image of renewal…P1290582

…a poui tree, bare, after the blossoms have fallen.IMG_20180412_080737_resized_20180412_014521246

But it is a time of regeneration and renewal, preparation for the next poui season…IMG_20180331_074422_resized_20180412_011616801

…when the tree again produces masses of yellow sunlight flowers! Awakening!IMG_20180331_074452_resized_20180412_011833440

Weekly Photo Challenge – Awakening

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4 thoughts on “Bare Poui: Weekly Photo Challenge – Awakening

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  2. Lovely! It is sad, but our old yellow poui never recovered from a hurricane (can’t remember which one) and only occasionally flowers. The trunk was badly damaged. However… still standing!

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