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Love Bush: Weekly Photo Challenge – Twisted


“This week, show us something that doesnโ€™t maintain a straight line.”

Love bush or dodder (Cuscuta spp) is a parasitic vine that is often seen growing on hedges and other plants on the roadside in Jamaica.IMG_20180508_151020_resized_20180523_034400277

It is called love bush because folklore has it that if you want to know if someone is your true love or returns your love, you can break off a piece of the vine and say the person’s name as you throw the vine on another plant. If the vine catches and starts to grow, then you know the person you named does indeed love you. Unfortunately, this childhood game helps to spread the parasite to new plants.IMG_20180508_151305_resized_20180508_070811636The vine twists around itself, other plants and fences as it spreads from place to place…P1300090Twisted indeed…


Weekly Photo Challenge – Twisted

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12 thoughts on “Love Bush: Weekly Photo Challenge – Twisted

  1. Finding beauty in the simple things is precious, even parasitic vines ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Interesting plant. I love the golden color. A twisted vine twisting itself around twisted barbed wire – perfect!

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  4. Wow, prefect interpretation of the prompt! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Twisted indeed is right! Great choice


  6. Very twisted indeed. But it does have a very pretty flower!


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  8. What a wonderful adaptation (and photos) for the twisted theme. I guess we can find twists in nature a lot, whether it is tree trunks, vines, or other plants.

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