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Lightning Over Kingston & A Few Other Things To See


I was up in the hills with family last week, in the Blue Mountains, probably my favourite place in the world. One night I sat on a balcony, watching lightning flashing over Kingston just after sunset. I called my granddaughter to come and see & she climbed up on my lap to watch with me. After the first flash of lightning lit up the sky, she said, “More!” I explained to her that the lightning doesn’t come when we want it to, but that if we sit patiently and watch, we might see it again. And we did, a few more times. P1340070 sunset with lightning 10-10-18

There are so many smaller things to see also, like new mango leaves in the morning rain…P1340164 new mango leaves in morning rain - 10-18…moss growing on roof shingles…P1340111 - roof shingles and moss 10-18…and cat tails (Acalypha hispida) sparkling with dew…P1330902 - cat tails 10-18

My love for the Blue Mountains goes back to childhood summer holidays, when we used to spend time at the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) camp at Newcastle. It was possible to rent some of the cottages and my siblings, cousins and I remember those times as magical.P1330982 - Newcastle 10-18Just part of Jamaica’s Blue Mountain range…

Blue Mountains panorama 10-18


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4 thoughts on “Lightning Over Kingston & A Few Other Things To See

  1. Nice set of photos. I like the Cheshire cat moon in the lightning photo. That’s a great shot.

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  2. What wonderful nostalgic memories! Your narrative triggered my own ‘lightning’ memory from the alluvial floodplains of the Mississippi Delta. I don’t recall my age – probably 8 or 10, but I remember sitting on my cousin’s front porch at the end of a hot summer day and watching a majestic lightning show in the distance. There’s something special about life in the countryside, where one has a much-stronger connection with nature. I’m glad that you have the Blue Mountains.

    That camp looks like a wonderful place, surrounded by green like a little kingdom where everything is fairy-tale lovely!

    Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your world!

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    • Thank you for your lovely comments! I’m so glad you were reminded of your childhood memories of watching lightning. That connection with nature can be such a wonderful one & I’m so happy my granddaughter is developing it. 🙂

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