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The Eventide Fire: 40 Years Ago

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Forty years ago, on May 20, 1980, a fire at the Eventide Home in Kingston, Jamaica, resulted in the deaths of 167 women, aged 19 to 102. This week Wednesday, May 20, 2020, there will be an online event to learn and remember what happened forty years ago, and to remember the names of the women who lived at the Myers Ward.

Eventide Event flyer 2

Contributors at the event include:

Barbara Nelson
Horace Levy
Natalie Bennett
One of the organizers of the event, Alexis Goffe, says that there will be time for public comments from anyone who wants to contribute. To receive the link to attend the virtual event, click here: tinyurl.com/Eventide40
Also there is a call for memories about the Eventide Fire. If you are interested in contributing stories and memories, please submit them here by June 30, 2020: bit.ly/3buURsl
If you have any questions about this call, you can send them to learneventide@gmail.com

Eventide Call for Memories poster


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One thought on “The Eventide Fire: 40 Years Ago

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    This is a piece of Jamaica’s history – a tragedy. How will this resonate in the time of COVID-19, when “vulnerable groups” like our elders are often referred to as in need of protection, but not always directly engaged? Why are senior citizens still so vulnerable and often marginalized – not only physically but socially?

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