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Sahara Dust & The View from My Window


This was the view from my window one morning last week:

view from the window week of 17-6-2020

Then a plume of Sahara dust swept across the Atlantic into the Caribbean, not an uncommon event, but this was perhaps the worst in fifty years, they said.

saharan dust

And with the dust in the air, this was the view from my window on Wednesday morning. I could not see the hills!

Sahara dust view 24-6-2020



That plume of Sahara dust has moved past us, here in Jamaica, though they say another will affect us in a few days time. But tonight, at sunset, I could see the hills again…against a salmon-coloured sky…sunset 26-6-2020


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4 thoughts on “Sahara Dust & The View from My Window

  1. I heard about this. How was the air quality where you are? I’m assuming this will dissipate somewhere over the U.S.

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  2. It seems to be taking a long time to go away. Are you feeling any ill effects? We have felt very oppressed by the heat and a little short of breath at times. When the wind is blowing, it relieves the discomfort somewhat.

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