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Disaster Risk Management Order, 2021 – Dated January 15, 2021 & Amendments 2, 3 & 4 to Order No. 16 of 2020

The Gazette of the first Disaster Risk Management Order for 2021 became available today:

This Gazette has been posted on the Office of the Prime Minister website. It is not yet on the Ministry of Justice website, but will probably be posted there shortly. I no longer regard the Ministry of Health & Wellness website as a reliable source of the Gazette, as the amendments aren’t posted there; it does, however, have a link to the OPM website.

Last Order & Amendments for 2020

Gazetted copies of the last three amendments for 2020 are posted below. I have also reposted Order No. 16 for ease of reference.

The first of the Covid-19 Disaster Risk Management Orders was broadcast in March 2020, ten months ago. I don’t know how long the government intends to continue issuing these orders. The question remains as to whether this is the way in which these measures should be issued on an ongoing basis, this long after the start of the pandemic, one of the issues being the lack of parliamentary oversight provided by this mechanism.



It’s Still a New Year…

It’s not too late to wish you a happy new year, even though the year is already more than two weeks old. Even though it feels much older, given all that has happened so far…personally, nationally, globally. So, Happy New Year!

I watched the last setting moon for 2020 from my roof, on the morning of December 31, 2020…

I watched the New Year’s fireworks from my roof, as I have now for many years. There were far fewer of them this year, as the Covid-19 restrictions included a curfew from 10pm, a ban on parties and a limit to the size of gatherings…

I watched the first sunrise of 2021 later that morning…

This time last year there was no way I could have imagined how much life would have changed in the coming year, the changes brought by the pandemic being the most notable and unpredictable. Sitting here now, I am very aware that I haven’t a clue what things will be like a year from now. That is essentially the case each year, but the reality of 2020 has brought that into stark focus.

I remember a speech at the college graduation of one of my children years ago, in which the speaker said that the two most important qualities we could wish for our children in the times they were living in were adaptability and resilience. So true. And for us all. May the qualities of adaptabilty and resilience be yours in the coming year and the years beyond!