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Disaster Risk Management Order, 2021 – Dated January 15, 2021 & Amendments 2, 3 & 4 to Order No. 16 of 2020

The Gazette of the first Disaster Risk Management Order for 2021 became available today:

This Gazette has been posted on the Office of the Prime Minister website. It is not yet on the Ministry of Justice website, but will probably be posted there shortly. I no longer regard the Ministry of Health & Wellness website as a reliable source of the Gazette, as the amendments aren’t posted there; it does, however, have a link to the OPM website.

Last Order & Amendments for 2020

Gazetted copies of the last three amendments for 2020 are posted below. I have also reposted Order No. 16 for ease of reference.

The first of the Covid-19 Disaster Risk Management Orders was broadcast in March 2020, ten months ago. I don’t know how long the government intends to continue issuing these orders. The question remains as to whether this is the way in which these measures should be issued on an ongoing basis, this long after the start of the pandemic, one of the issues being the lack of parliamentary oversight provided by this mechanism.

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