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Bird & Old Man’s Beard at Sunset


There was a time when once a week I did a blog post consisting of a photograph and a few words. It was in response to an online photo challenge. I really enjoyed the practice but when the photo challenge ended, my weekly photo post ended too. I’ve sometimes thought about reviving it. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. But just for today, here’s a photo and a few words…

A bird and a plant called Old Man’s Beard…on wires…at sunset…a view from a window of my house….


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6 thoughts on “Bird & Old Man’s Beard at Sunset

  1. A Loggerhead Kingbird, from the looks of it! Lovely photo. I really enjoyed that photo challenge too – it was really interesting comparing our interpretations of the prompts.

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  2. I like the photo. If you’re looking for a challenge to replace the old WordPress weekly challenge, there’s a host of options listed on https://ceenphotography.com/.

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