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A Night of Moon Gazing – #LunarEclipse2022


There was a total eclipse of the moon last night (Sunday, May 15, 2022), which was visible to us here in Jamaica. I love staring at the night sky and decided to watch the eclipse of this Super Flower Blood Moon. Wonderful name!

The sky was very overcast, which wasn’t promising, but I got this clear picture of the full moon early on.

Clouds kept obscuring the moon…

…at times almost completely blocking it out.

However, every so often, there was a break in the clouds and there was a clear view of the shadow covering more…

…and more of the moon.

Sometimes I could see the shadow encroaching, even though the clouds…

…until there was only a sliver of the moonlight still visible.

And then, total eclipse…

In this photo that I took at about ten minutes before midnight, the shadow was just beginning to lift. Look at that beautiful coppery red colour!

A little less shadow, a little more light.

A lot less shadow, a lot more light.

Until finally, the full moon was back, in all her glory! Beautiful in all her phases, be they monthly cycles or short shadows of an eclipse.

My almost five hours of moon gazing ended after 1:00am. Well-spent hours.


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10 thoughts on “A Night of Moon Gazing – #LunarEclipse2022

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    Last night was memorable, and magical, for those who were able to see the lunar eclipse. Fellow blogger Susan Goffe did not miss any of the phases, which unfolded silently above our sleepy Sunday night city. She shared this series of photos on Twitter. I added a tweet about my own experience. I was standing in the front yard at around 11 pm having a late night chat with our neighbour across the yard (no traffic to interrupt us). The last slip of silver had vanished from the edge of the moon, and it had turned a dirty orange, darkened on one side as if it had been singed. As we spoke, we heard the approaching creak of owls’ wings, and two Barn Owls appeared in the darkness, lit up by the bright, white LED street lights. They circled around a couple of times, quite low, before departing to further hunting grounds. With the dark moon and the tree frogs singing chaotically, it was a surreal moment.

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  2. Wonderful experience that you have shared with us. We could not see the eclipse as there was a very cloudy and overcast sky up here in Maryland. Thank you for sharing

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    • Thank you for your comment! I was concerned that the cloudy sky here would prevent me from seeing much, but there were enough breaks in the cloud cover to give good views after all.


  3. So glad you got to see the eclipse, and you got some good photos. The eastern side of the island here got some views right around moonrise, but I didn’t get to see it being on the northwestern side.

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