Right Steps & Poui Trees


Years ago a fellow volunteer said to me that we are not called on to fix the whole world; we are only called on to take the next right step. That has become something of a mantra for me, a day to day pragmatic approach to navigating the sometimes overwhelming world we live in. And then there are the yellow poui trees that explode into a profusion of blossoms, lasting only a few days, shedding circles of yellow beneath their bare branches. Pragmatism & passion. Steady & fleeting. Finding balance. If possible.


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  1. Hi Susan. I’ve nominated you for a Bloggers Recognition award, the info is at

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  2. Someimes the weight of the world can really overwhelm – I really like the mantra you have adopted. I will think on it this week.

    I have also learned something new today – after reading your post, I did some research on Poui Trees (which I have never heard of before). So beautiful.

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  3. Thank you for commenting! I am glad that you found something of interest. And that you learned about poui trees, which are one of my favourite plants! They are blooming at the moment and it is breathtaking!

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  4. A wonderful mantra indeed. Perfect for the crazy world we are living in. The Poui Tree is magnificent

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  5. Interesting fact about the poui trees !

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  6. Oh! For those Poui trees! I spent some time in Trinidad and loved it when the hillsides were ablaze with yellow. I like your approach: pragmatism And passion.

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  7. Finding balance is so important. Looking forward to read more posts from your journey.

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  8. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a Poui Tree. What part of the world do you live in? 🙂

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  9. hi sngsan please can you inbox me with your email so i can invite you to a doc screening


  10. Hi there Susan,

    I’ve been following your work, and am really interested in your civil society work and experiences. I am a student from the University of Amsterdam, currently in Kingston doing some research for my thesis project, looking at civil society groups and police accountability in Jamaica. I was wondering whether you would be willing to be interviewed as a part of my research? It would be really great to talk to you, and I’m sure your insight would be very valuable. Sorry to message on here, I couldn’t locate an email address for you! I’m here until the 12th April, if you’re interested.

    Best wishes,

    Natalie Ward

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