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It’s All About Waiting: Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience

This week is about ambience. “What have you photographed with exceptional ambience?”

Airport ambience is all about waiting. Everything geared towards going somewhere. But so much time spent sitting still.p1030149Chairs waiting to be filled.p1030129Chairs waiting to be filled.p1030157Planes waiting. People waiting.p1030202Sitting and waiting to go.p1030159

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From An Airplane Window…

I don’t normally take a window seat on an airplane, much preferring the freedom of movement promised by an aisle seat. On this flight I was at the window, and nature provided a spectacular show.

It was raining when we took off, but was a relatively smooth flight once we got above the clouds.


For much of the journey, the view from the window was within the range of normal spectacular…clouds of various types…IMG_3279Then, about two-thirds of the way, the setting sun took over the sky and the view became truly spectacular!IMG_3319I gazed out of the window for most of the rest of the flight…IMG_3341Eventually things returned to “normal”…IMG_3345And we landed.IMG_3360When they said there was no in-flight entertainment on this trip, they were wrong.