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A National Hero & An International Airport: Weekly Photo Challenge – Names

“This week, share a photo that includes a name.”

In 1972, the Government of Jamaica changed the name of the Palisadoes Airport in Kingston to the Norman Manley International Airport, in honour of National Hero the Right Excellent Norman Washington Manley.p1070434There is a display in the main hall of the airport that gives information about Norman Manley.p1070362And at the airport, his name appears on things large…p1070473…and small.nmia-parking-ticket (Does anyone else remember when the parking tickets contained a typo and read “Normal Manley International Airport”? I used to ask jokingly whether that meant there were some abnormal Manleys.)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Names


.#AToZChallengeJamaica – O is for Out of Many, One People

The Jamaican national motto is ‘Out of Many, One People’, and is based on the population’s multiracial roots.

Jamaica - Coat of Arms

The motto is inscribed in the scroll of the Jamaica Coat of Arms, and was adopted at the time of Independence in 1962. Prior to that, the motto in the Coat of Arms was in Latin –  Indus Uterque Serviet Uni. (The Indians twain shall serve one Lord). It was felt that this motto had no relevance to modern independent Jamaica, and I would have to agree.

Ministry Paper No. 20, dealing with proposed National Emblems, indicates that the decision to change the motto had been made, but a replacement hadn’t yet been selected.

Ministry Paper No 20  - motto

The Ministry Paper was tabled in the House early in 1962.

Ministry Paper No 20 - end


Is our motto an existing reality, a guiding principle, an ideal to be aimed for?

To end, a verse from one of Louise Bennett’s poems – “Independence Dignity”, written at the time:

Teet’ an tongue was all united,

Heart an soul was hans an glove,

Fenky-fenky voice gain vigour pon

“Jamaica, land we love”.