Right Steps & Poui Trees


Tree Knots

There is something fascinating about knots on trees, imperfections that can form quite routinely around the spots where branches fall away as a tree grows. Notable rough spots, signifying growth. At other times, knots form as a result of something more dramatic, when limbs are torn from a tree during a hurricane, for example. Over many years, the tree can grow around the torn off stump and the wood inside can rot, leaving a hole in the trunk. So many metaphors suggesting the passage of time and self-protective actions, but I will resist & simply share some photos.




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Poor Man’s Orchidp1010049p1010040

Julie Mangop1010184p1010201Knot:  A knob, protuberance, or node in a stem, branch, or root.

            A hard mass formed in a tree trunk at the intersection with a branch, resulting in a round cross-grained piece in timber when cut through.


Poor Man’s Orchid Plays with the Light

The play of light on plants. On trees, on leaves, on flowers.


I love taking photos of sunlight on flowers.


Poor Man’s Orchid.


Bauhinia purpurea


The scientific name ‘Bauhinia’ comes from two Swiss-French botanist brothers, Johann and Gaspard Bauhin. Which I didn’t know before.


Trees in flower may already show numerous pods.  Elongated dehiscent pods.  Dehiscent: opening spontaneously to release seeds or pollen.

The Poor Man’s Orchid tree in my garden fell sideways in one of the hurricanes. Gilbert, I think. But decades later, askew, it still flourishes.