Right Steps & Poui Trees

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Sun, Moon, Plant, Me: Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflecting

“From water and glass to metallic surfaces, share a photo that captures something reflected back to you in a way that made you look at your surroundings differently.”

We see the moon because of the sun’s light reflecting off it. Tonight, the moon’s light is reflecting off the leaves and branches of the overgrown privet. And here I am, reflecting on it all…P1140569

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflecting


Bird at Sunrise: Weekly Photo Challenge – Graceful

“Gracefulness is a tricky quality — it manifests itself as an effortless, subtle harmony between a subject and its environment….For this week’s challenge, share something that says “graceful” to you”.

It was morning and the bird sat on a thin branch of the privet hedge, eating. Its head went up and down smoothly, as it easily picked the fruit out of the open pods. Oblivious to the sunrise or the clumsy human observer.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Graceful


The Pragmatic Privet Hedge: A Closer Look

You can hardly get more mundane and pragmatic than a privet hedge. Dull green, prickly plants forming boundary hedges for many homes. Neatly trimmed or a bit scraggly and thinning.


Step a little closer. The hedge is in bloom and bearing fruit.


Closer still. The knobbly buds. The delicate fairy hair blossoms.

The pods and fruit and seeds.




As a child, I used to cook them in mud soups and stews. They looked delicious, but I was  warned not to eat them, for they will poison you, I was told.



Come close. But don’t touch.