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The Sea Stands Still: Weekly Photo Challenge – Liquid

“For this week’s challenge, share a photo of liquid in whatever state, shape, or color you happen to capture it in.”

You are at the beach. The sea is always moving. You take a photo. And the sea stands still.dig

Weekly Photo Challenge – Liquid


Sun, Sand, Sea, & Sky: Weekly Photo Challenge – Elemental

“For this week’s challenge, explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire.”

Sun, sand, sea and sky…where it all comes together….


Weekly Photo Challenge – Elemental

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An Almond Tree By The Sea

An almond tree (Terminalia catappa) is probably one of the first trees I learned to identify…from the large leaves and the oval shaped fruit. As a child, I loved to eat the flesh on the outside when the fruit was ripe and to bite into the fibrous husk and suck the sour juice from it. I experienced many smashed fingers while cracking open the husks with large stones to get the nuts inside.

Almond trees often grow near the sea. Even on a cliff face sometimes.p1020041p1020128p1020129Red leaves falling into the sea and drifting on the gentle current…p1020096p1020112…viewed by a couple of small fish….p1020116Bright colours. Blue sky. Blue sea.boat-on-seaAlmond tree.p1020133