Right Steps & Poui Trees


Sunrise Surprise!

Any morning that I head to the roof  to watch the sun rise, I am never quite sure what I will see.  Even as I climb the spiral staircase, navigating the narrow space left by the recently installed guttering, I am uncertain what will greet me. Like the morning I took this series of photos…a chilly, overcast morning. Grey was the main colour, as I sat and drank my tea. Little did I know the drama that was about to unfold!sunrise series 5

A heavy bank of clouds hung low in the eastern sky, over a bowl where two hills overlapped. As the sunlight began to shine up from behind the hills, a pink pattern started to appear on the clouds.sunrise series

I  realised that nature was deciding to dance this morning and I was a lucky witness! Brighter pink and over a larger area of cloud…sunrise series 1

And this was the finale! The sky on fire…transformed…sunrise series 6

Tea forgotten; no journaling done. I watched, transfixed. Bathed in this sunrise surprise….IMG_20181118_061515_1_resized_20181216_060007607 sunrise


The Sky One Evening

Yesterday evening I went up on the roof to watch the sun go down, something I often do. By the time I got there, the sun had already set, but the sky remembered!dig

Every sunset is different. Even the same sunset sky goes through many moods, vibrant shades of orange giving way to subtle shades of pink.Pink sky at sunset 2

Eventually all sign of the sun is gone, leaving the night to electric lights and Venus…P1310214 night lights




Poui Blossoms: Weekly Photo Challenge – Evanescent

“This challenge is wide open. Evanescent can be any fleeting moment in time.

ev·a·nes·cent [evəˈnes(ə)nt]

  1. Soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.”

If I could choose a personal totem, it would be the yellow poui tree. Have I said this before? When it isn’t in bloom, it isn’t a particularly noticeable tree. But in poui season, for a few days, the tree erupts into a mass of bright yellow blossoms!poui tree 2Blossoms…like sunlight captured by the tree!P1120028Then they fall…and are gone….Poui blossoms on ground

Quickly fading or disappearing. But magnificent for the short time they are here!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Evanescent


From An Airplane Window…

I don’t normally take a window seat on an airplane, much preferring the freedom of movement promised by an aisle seat. On this flight I was at the window, and nature provided a spectacular show.

It was raining when we took off, but was a relatively smooth flight once we got above the clouds.


For much of the journey, the view from the window was within the range of normal spectacular…clouds of various types…IMG_3279Then, about two-thirds of the way, the setting sun took over the sky and the view became truly spectacular!IMG_3319I gazed out of the window for most of the rest of the flight…IMG_3341Eventually things returned to “normal”…IMG_3345And we landed.IMG_3360When they said there was no in-flight entertainment on this trip, they were wrong.




Poor Man’s Orchid Plays with the Light

The play of light on plants. On trees, on leaves, on flowers.


I love taking photos of sunlight on flowers.


Poor Man’s Orchid.


Bauhinia purpurea


The scientific name ‘Bauhinia’ comes from two Swiss-French botanist brothers, Johann and Gaspard Bauhin. Which I didn’t know before.


Trees in flower may already show numerous pods.  Elongated dehiscent pods.  Dehiscent: opening spontaneously to release seeds or pollen.

The Poor Man’s Orchid tree in my garden fell sideways in one of the hurricanes. Gilbert, I think. But decades later, askew, it still flourishes.



Where Does #APoemADay Take You?

I added a new morning ritual by chance this year. While sitting on the roof New Year’s Day, drinking a cup of mint tea, watching the sky lighten. I had taken a couple of books and my journal with me, as I often do. And I read aloud to myself the first poem in Lorna Goodison’s collection “Heartease”IMG_8597 – “I Shall Light A Candle To Understanding In Thine Heart Which Shall Not Be Put Out” – a longtime favourite.IMG_8600[1]




I enjoyed it so much that later in the day I decided to read a poem out loud to myself each morning. In January it was poems by Jamaican poets; this month it’s poems by African American poets. And I am having fun thinking of what my focus for future months might be: more Jamaican poets; Caribbean, African, Commonwealth poets; poems by women; poems translated into English; poems I first read in school; poems about love. The possibilities aren’t actually endless, though, as I am including only poems from books I own.

And just for fun, I tweet the title of the poem each day at #APoemADay and tweet a few lines from the poem @suezeecue. 140 characters from a poem can sometimes be hard to choose!

At the end of the year, I’ll see where #APoemADay has taken me….

By the illumination of that candle

exit, death and fear and doubtIMG_7463

here love and possibility

within a lit heart, shining out.

– Lorna Goodison, “Heartease”IMG_7378